Sunday, 28 August 2011

Essay: Corruption

  • Introduction: a common phenomenon; main cause.
  • Effects of corruption on society: People, Govt, good values.
  • Factors that contribute the corruption: Seven factors.
  • Remedies: Complete change in society; Revision of pay scale, or change of Government not enough: Four steps.

Today corruption is almost a world phenomenon. It is, in fact, a universal problem, having existed in all ages, It has clung to mankind like an incurable disease, In a free and competitive society, incestment of capital can yield only reasonable returns in the long run. But corruption or acceptance o fbribes promises a rapid changes in financial conditions. Orginally the Police and P.W.D were notoriouse for corruption but now this evil has spread to almost every department of the Government. Even courts of justice and education are no exceptions.
Prevalence of corruption has created disappointment and discontent among the community. The machinery of Government gets rusted and ceases to work in the intended manner. Corruption decreases respect for law and sense of allegiance to the Government. In a society governed by corrupt officials, the whole system of moral, ethical and religious values is impaired. The distinction between right and wrong disappears. Revolutions and military take-over become common. Every student of history knows that one of the causes of the downfall of nations has been corruption. In his famous book "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"

Gibbon has stated that as long as there were even two per cent honest men in the Roman administration, the Empire lingered on.
The factors that contribute to the prevalence of corruption differ from country to country. Those that are common in most countries including Pakistan are seven. First, general economic condition of the country is poor and everyone tries to feather his nest. Second, the rates of remuneration of public functionaries are low, and they are tempted to accept bribes. Third, the general price level and the standard of living are very high: honest means of a person fail him. Fourth, social conditions and customs demand lavish expenditure of money. Fifth, there exists no strong opinion against corruption; it has been accepted as a common thing. Sixth, laws confer on the public servants vast powers and discretions, they take undue advantage of that. Lastly, there are no adequate means to prevent corruption or bring the offenders to book.
To root out corruption, a complete change of the political, social and economic system is necessary. No revision of pay scales, however liberal, can reduce corruption. The reason is that the wealth targets aimed at by corrupt officials are very high. Similarly, a mere change in Government has to rely on perment services for its day to day administration. Unless the motive for corruption is removed, corruption will continue.
Four steps, however, may be of some use. First, wide discretionary powers should be taken away from individual officials. Second, Anti-corruption Department should be made more effective. Third, the minds of the people should be changed by the prevalence of moral values. Last, the punishment for corruption should be more exemplary.  

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Terrorist Activities in Pakistan

Terrorist Activities in Pakistan
      Causes of Terrorism:   
  Terrorist activities in Pakistan           
a.    Terrorism means the use of force, or aggression against person, groups, or governments.
b.    The aim of terrorism is to create dread and alarm in the masses.
c.    Terrorism has been an old activity.
Terrorism in Modern Age:
a.        In the modern age, terrorist groups are trained by                                                                                                                                                government, special agencies and secret services.
b.        These terrorists disrupt the normal life of every country.
How Terrorism is Committed?
a.    Now a days the terrorist use sophisticated weapons like bombs and poisonous gas to destroy the life and property of the people.
b.     In the coming century, the use of chemical and nuclear weapons by the terrorist organization cannot be ruled out.
  Causes of Terrorism:
     Terrorist acts are committed due to the following reasons:-
a.    Religious differences.
b.    To get liberation from cruel rulers.
c.    To destabilize the rival government.
   Terrorist activities in Pakistan
a.    The terrorist activities in Pakistan are backed by Indian secret services RAW and Israel’s secret services MOSSAD.
b.    The rival religious groups are aided by hostile countries.
a.    Te religious differences should be controlled by the lemmas and by the mass media.
b.    Strict security measures should be adopted.
c.    The illegal flow of arms and money should be controlled.
d.    The secret services and various agencies of Pakistan should work in-coordination with one another.
Definition: What is Terrorism?
        Terrorist means the use of force or aggression against a person, groups or governments. The aims of such a destructive activity is to create fear and alarm in the messes. Terrorism is not a modern activity. It has been going on in the world for a very long time. In the past, the societies were not organized. However in the old world, the robbers and dacoits waylaid people during their journey and robbed them of their belongings and deprived the weak of their life. But now the terrorist activity has changed. It has become an organized activity.
Terrorist in Modern age:
        In the modern age, terrorist groups have emerged which train people for the destructive activities. Now a day, the terrorist organizations are financially helped and aided by the secret services of different governments. The hostile neighbors train the terrorists and send them for the destructive activities. They create dread and alarm in the people and try to destabilize the government.
How Terrorist is committed:
        A regular terrorist organization usually works against the government. Its main object is to create disorder and anarchy in the country. The forces of law and order are weakened. The government cannot pay proper attention to build the nation and look after the welfare of its people. Most of their attention is diverted to curb the terrorists. Now a day, terrorists use modern destructive weapons to destroy the buildings, offices and public places like railway stations and airports. They implant bomb and cause a great loss to public property and life.
Causes of Terrorist:
    Terrorist acts are committed for various reasons. Some terrorist groups support a particular political philosophy. Other terrorist organizations fight against the government to get liberation on the ethnic basis. Dictators use violence to frighten or eliminate their opponents.
        In Pakistan, the terrorist activities go on in a planned and organized manner. The reasons for their activities are quite obvious. The terrorists in Pakistan create violence, commit murder, implant bombs at public places, and kidnap people for ransom due to the following reasons.
1.    In Pakistan, certain groups kill one another on the basis of religious differences. They are financially backed and aided by foreign countries and anti-Pakistan secret services like RAW and MOSSAD.
2.    The terrorist activities are committed in certain parts of Pakistan on the basis of linguistic or ethnic differences. There are political organizations which are established on the ethnic or linguistic. They murder, kill or kidnap people from the rival or opposite groups. 
3.    India has always tried to destabilize the political and economic stability of Pakistan. Its secret services RAW works in coordination with the Israel secret service MOSSAD and disrupts the normal life of the country through its agents. They create anarchy in the country by blasting bombs at different public places.
Terrorist Activities in Pakistan
        During the last many years, Pakistan has become a favorite place for the terrorist to execute their destructive activities. In the preceding year, the mosques, imam Bargahs, the places of worship and religious centers have innocent men, women and children were killed. During the year 1998, more than seventeen hundred persons had been killed in Punjab and more than five hundred citizens were killed in Karachi. The terrorist activities seem to have become the routine matter in the country.

    Terrorist needs to be checked carefully. The government should force all the people leave the country who are illegally present. It should make arrangements to shop the illegal flow of arms and money, into the country from abroad. All the secret services of Pakistan should work in coordination with one another and try their utmost to detect and identify the terrorists.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Careers for Women

        Careers for Women
          Careers for Girls
1.    In the past, the women were treated like slaves. They were not allowed to come out of the four walls of their homes.
2.    Women have proved their worth and skill in all fields of life.
3.    Shining girls can try their luck in the superior services.
4.    They can become doctors, nurses, teachers, news casters, research scholars and journalists and air hostesses.
5.    Educated women can contribute a lot to the prosperity of the country.
In the past, the women were treated like slaves. Their main profession was to obey and entertain their husband. As Ruskin puts it, A true wife, in her husband’s house is his servant; it is in his heart that she is queen. The women were confined to the kitchen and the nursery. But now things have changed. Education, T.V and newspapers have changed their outlook. They have become conscious of their rights and privileges. They have started taking part in every field of life.
Educated has entirely changed their outlook. It has polished and refined their mind. They have proved their worth and skill in every field of life.
The girls of today should also come forward and lend a helping hand to their men. Of course, there are some hard and rough duties which women may not like to perform. They can do any job which fits their ability and aptitude. There are many jobs which women could perform with great care and comfort.
First, shining and brilliant girls can try their luck in the superior services. By becoming C.S.P officers, they can serve their nation and country. A few young girls have already proved their worth as civil servants. Women like Begum Ra’ana Liaqat Ali Khan may be sent abroad as ambassadors of Pakistan.
Secondly, advertising is a field that can be filled in by girls gifted with attractive personality have already occupied the screen of T.V to display and advertise the products of different firms and manufacturing factories. They are very successfully in this field they can be given training if so required.
Thirdly, the profession of medical and nursing is greatly suitable to the genius and aptitude of women. Our country is in great need of lady doctors and nurses. In most of the villages, we do not have a single lady doctor. Our women fill shy of coming before male doctors. They cannot tell them their trouble frankly. This difficulty could be solved if we have more lady doctors.
Fourthly, in the same way, teaching is another profession which our girls can easily adopt. They are very suitable for the teaching of small children. They have motherly love for them. However, girls with high education can become lecturers and professors. In Pakistan, there are numberless woman who have proved their worth as teachers in schools, colleges and universities.
Fifthly, women with practical knowledge and enterprise can become sale girls.
There are many other professions open for girls. They can become air hostesses in some airlines. The women should come forward to do jobs which are suitable to their aptitude. In this way, they can contribute a lot to the prosperity of the country.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Education for women

        Female Education
      Education for women
      Woman Education
1.    In this modern age, education plays an important role in cultivating the mind of both men and women.
2.    The people who oppose female education have narrow and limited minds.
3.    Education for women is necessary on many grounds.
4.    Man and woman are the two wheels of the   carriage of life. Education plays an important role in running this carriage smoothly.
5.    An education is a blessing to her husband, a good mother to her children and sincere worker to society.
6.    The development and progress of the country depend on female education.
Female education is very important for the progress of any nation. Education in the modern age has become very vital both for men and women. The progress of a country depends on literacy. If literacy rate is low in a country, it remains backward and under development. In case of Pakistan, the literacy rate is alarmingly low. People living in villages do not educate their girls. The feudal lords have a prejudice against educating their daughters. There are numberless village in Pakistan where the arrangements for the primary education of girls simply do not exist.
    No one can deny the benefits of education. It develops the inherent and latent faculties of man. Without it, a man remains in the darkness of ignorance and cannot make much progress. But it is strange that the people who are advocate of male education, want to deny this privilege to the womenfolk. This one sided and partial attitude is quite unjustified. If we examine the arguments of the critics of female education, we find that they are based on superstitions and prejudices. They argue that women are inferior to men in intelligence and so they are not fit for education. Moreover, they fear that if women are education, they will j   refuse to do domestic work. Both of their fears have been proved by the women of every country. Moreover, educated women do domestic work more skillfully than the uneducated ones.
    First, there are many benefits of educating women in all the developed countries of the world. Women play an active and important part in the life of their nation. In the last world war, they did wonderful work. This had been possible on account of their education. How can any nation progress when half of its populations women are ignorant and uneducated? An educated woman proves a better wife and better mother. She can look after the household affairs in a better way. In critical and hard times, she can come out of her home and can be of use to her family and nation.
    Secondly, an educated woman is a blessing for her home and society. She is fully aware to her duties as a citizen of the state. She understands her responsibility towards herself, her family and her country.
    Thirdly, an educated woman proves children. She can inculcated good ideas in their mind. She can make her children good citizen of the state. Uneducated mother have a simple and credulous mind. They do not have elementary medical knowledge so greatly essential for the health of their children. The mortality rate among the uneducated mothers is very alarming. Educated mothers will give the nation healthy, enlightened and decently brought up children.
     Fourthly, an educated woman can prove a sincere and loyal wife to her husband. She can easily make understanding with her husband which is very essential to the married life. She is refined cultured. In the time of trial, she can become an earning hand to her husband. We can say that female education is necessary for the economic development of our country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Student essay: Woman’s Place in Society

Student essay:    Woman’s Place in Society

1.    In the past, women did not enjoy many rights. They were expected to limit their activities to the kitchen.
2.    Now women are conscious of their rights as citizen and consider themselves equal to men in every field of life.
3.    They have proved their worth in every field of life. Now they cannot be kept as slaves in the house.
4.    She is biologically different from man. Her main function is to produce and look after children.
5.    Our religion Islam is not against the education of women. It does not forbid them from taking part in the social activities of life.
In the past, women were looked upon as slaves. Her main profession was to obey and entertain her husband. As Ruskin puts it. It is in his heart that she is queen. Up-to the 19th century, it was though that marriage and home life were the best outlets for a women’s energies. Thus a women’s activities were confined to the kitchen and they nursery. Towards the end of the 19th century, there came the revolt of women.
    Literature of 19th century made them conscious of their duties and privileges. Education more than anything else was responsible for the emancipation of women. With education came the realization that she could not do want man had done. She made a great demand for the right to vote. She succeeded in it. At present a number of women are members of the parliament. To day, women are working as typists in offices, telephone operators, teachers, doctors and want not. In Russia Japan, they were trained as soldiers to serve in the Second World War. Even in Pakistan, we have women athlete, writers, leaders and administrators.
    However, there is a group of thinkers who believe that women should not take part in the social and cultural activities of the country. They believe that men is for the sword and women for the needle, man to command and women to obey. Their judgement is based on prejudice and it is one sided. The real danger is that women are making a wrong use of their emancipation. They are trying to imitate man in everything. With the result, that they are losing their essential womanhood. They are losing sight of the fact that delicacy and modesty are two of their finest virtues. Without them, they would be simply apology for man.
 Let us discuss the problem in the light of human psychology. Woman are different from men in their bodily form and constitution. It is her sacred duty to produce children and look after them. Not only this but she has also to build a nation of morally sound people. She has to play role of a teacher for her children. The holy prophet has said Paradise line under the feet of a mother. This show that is Islam a women enjoys great status. Her rights are equal with men, but her duties are different. Napoleon once said gives me good mothers and I shall give you a good nation. This means that morally good mothers build a nation of brave and strong people.
    Islam does not prohibit women to do jobs. Women can do any job provided they do it within the framework of Islam. Women become doctors and nurses in hospitals. They can also become teachers, typists, clerk and receptionists. The women should do a job when they are actually in need of it. They should first of all look after their children and make them good citizens. However, in case of dire necessity, she can take part in the social and cultural activities.    


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Use of Lest and should in English Grammar

 The use of LEST and SHOULD in English Grammar
Lest is a conjunction that is used in English Grammar when we want to prevent something from happening.
The following rules must be kept in mind for using Lest in English Grammar:
The use of not is prohibited after Lest because the meaning of Lest is “It happened not”
For example:
Get ready, lest we should get late.
Speak softly, lest any one should listen you.
Don’t ask him, lest he should mind.
Remind him, lest he should forget.
Don’t drive here, lest car tyre should flat.
Tail this year, lest you should plunk once again.
Don’t sit with him, lest he should spoil you.
Don’t run this risk, lest you should stuck.
Be brave, lest he should beat you up.
Don’t count on cheating, lest examiner should catch you.
Don’t blabber, lest he should get you out.
Come out of the room, lest should get annoyed.
Don’t take perish food, lest you should fall sick.