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F.A Important Question Book 1 (Short stories)

Q31:    What reward was announced for the finder?
Ans:     A reward of 20 shillings was declared for finder.
Q32:    Why did Gorgios go into politics?
Ans:    Gorgios went into politics because he wanted to be appointed as court acrobat.
Q33:    What did the doctor tell her parents about the illness of their daughter? ”The Use of Force”
Ans:    The doctor told her parents that the child was suffering from diphtheria.
Q34:    How did Mr. Hubert feel in the long run?
Ans:    Mr. Hubert felt shame and disgrace to his self esteem and character.
Q35:    What was the punishment inflicted upon the quack by the villagers?
Ans:    They compelled him to dig grave for old woman. After it they beat him and let him go.
Q36:    Why did George give the pocket-book to his employer?
Ans:    George gave the pocket-book to his employer because he was illiterate and did not know how to read the pocket-book.
Q37:    What did make Hubert shameful?
Ans      People considered the old man to be a liar. This made Hubert shameful.
Q38:  Why did Hubert claim his innocence before death?
Ans    He kept claiming his innocence before his death because he wanted to restore his last honour.
Q39:  Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?
Ans    Arthur disagreed with his wife because he did not want to kill anyone at any cost.
Q40:  Who was Mr. Steward?
Ans    Mr. Steward was an agent of an international organization.   
Q41:   What was the message Norma got on pushing the button?
Ans    After pushing the button Norma received a message from Linux hospital that her husband who was run over by a train and was dead.
Q42:   What did the Bittering  family want to grow on mars?
Ans    they wanted to grow vegetables and fruit on Mars.
Q43:  Why did Mr. Steward continue persuading Norma?
Ans    Mr. Steward continue persuading Norma because he waned her to do that experiment.
Q44:  What did they want to grow? (Dark they were)
Ans    they wanted to grow there vegetable and fruit.
Q45:  Why didn’t the boy run from the house of the woman? (than you, M am)        
Ans    he did not want the woman not to trust him. And he did not want to be mistrusted now. Therefore, he did not run from the house of the woman.   
Q46:  Why did the parents rebuke the sick girl?
Ans    the parents rebuked her for throwing away the glasses of the doctor.
Q47:  What should be the role of a Qazi? (The Gulistan of sadi)?
Ans    A Qazi should only fear God and seek justice for everyone.
Q48:  What was the wisdom in selling the most valuable thing?(the gift of magi)
Ans    Love demands sacrifice. A love wants to see her beloved happy and pleased. Therefore he does not care selling or giving away the most valuable things.
Q49:   What were the people wearing who came on the Mall?(Overcoat)
Ans    The people who came on the mall were mostly wearing overcoat of every kind , expensive as well as cheap.
Q50:    Why noble deeds are always a great joy for the author?(the angel and the author)?
Ans        Because noble deeds are always a permanent source of joy. A man gets satisfaction, contentment, respect and glory due to his good deeds.
Q51:   What did the quack do with the old woman?
Ans     He tied up the woman’s throat, and struck the swollen part with much force.
Q52:    Why did the mayor not believe the innocence of Hubert?
Ans    Because the Mayor thought that Mr. Manana was man of worthy credence .he could not mistake the cord for a pocket book .Therefore the Mayor did not believe the innocence of Hubert.
Q53:    Why did the king weep?(the gulistan of sadi)
Ans    The king wept because he felt ashamed of his selfish behavior.
Q54:    Why did the farmers throw wet leaves on the farm?
Ans    they threw wet leaves on farm to make smoke acrid and black.
Q55:  Describe Moulvi’s  appearance.?
Ans    he had slightly bulging eyes. He wore silver rings with large turquoise stones on his fingers He used to wear brown turban on his head and carried a walling stick.
Q56:   What does the author like about Christmas?
Ans    The most important thing the author likes about Christmas is that is makes everybody good and generous.
Q57:  What did Norma consider the tone and attitude of Mr. Steward offensive?
Ans    when Mr. Steward insisted in having some time. Norma disliked it and considered the tone and attitude of Mr. Steward offensive.
Q58:   Why had the old man planted his secret garden?
Ans    The hand selected for the secret garden was different from other pieces of land . The old man had planted his secret garden there to taste yams, tomatoes and potatoes grown in that real piece of land.
Q59:     What did they want to grow on Mars?
Ans    they wanted to grow on mars vegetables and fruit.
Q60:    What was the reaction of the woman?
 Ans    The reaction of the woman was very sharp. She simply turned around and kicked him.
Q61:   What was the viewpoint of the parents of gorgios?
Ans    His parents thought that a man could not get success only due to his determination, opportunity was required for success.
Q62:  Why did the doctor call the sick girl by her first name?
Ans    The doctor called the sick girl by her first name to make her trust him.
Q63:   Why did the Qazi issue a decree to shed the blood of a boy?
Ans    The Qazi issued a decree to shed the blood of a boy for the health of the king .
Q64:    What was the punishment inflicted upon the quack by the villagers?
Ans    They compelled him to dig a grave for old woman. After it they beat him and let him go.
Q65:    What is the dream of Martin Luther King?
Ans    He has a dream that will come a tune when there will be no racism in United States. All men will be considered equal. they will not be judged by the colors of their skin but by the content of their character .there will be rule of brotherhood in all states.
Q66:   What was the main objective of Gorgios?
Ans    The main objective of Gorgios was to create a post of court acrobat .
Q67:   What did happen to the boy when he tried to snatch the purse?
Ans    When the boy tried to snatch the purse of the woman. The strap broke with a sudden single tug the boy lost his balance and fell down. The woman reached there and held him tightly.
Q68:  How much perilous a Martain virus can be?
Ans    A Martain virus can destroy them. It may change their appearance and surroundings.
Q69:   Describe the features of maulvi Abdul?
Ans    MaulviAdul had slightly bulging eyes. On his fingers, he wore silver rings with large turquoise stones.
Q70:   Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the list pocket book?
Ans    Due to his baseless enmity, Mr. Manana the harness man falsely declared that he saw Mr. Hubert picking up the pocket-book

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Learn Tenses with Examples

What is a Tense?
Tense is the form of verbs  which denotes or indicates the time at which an event or incident or action takes place and its degree of completeness or incompleteness.
Number of Tenses
A verb has the following three main tenses
  1. The Present Tense
  2. The Past Tense
  3. The Future Tense
Forms of Tenses
  1. Indefinite
  2. Continuous
  3. Perfect
  4. Perfect Continuous
So multiplying main tense with form, we get twelve kinds of tenses.
(1) Present Indefinite     (2) Present Continuous     (3) Present Perfect       (4) Present Perfect Continuous
(5) Past Indefinite          (6) Past Continuous         (7) Past Perfect            (8) Past Perfect Continuous
(9) Future Indefinite      (10) Future Continuous    (11)Future Perfect        (12)Future Perfect Continuous
The Present Indefinite Tense
It is used to denote the folowing:
  1. What is actually taking place at the present time.
  2. What is permanent or habitual in the life or character of a person.
  3. A general and universal truth, that is, a thing that happens under the Law of Nature.
  4. A past event. In other words, It is used to give a real or dramatic touch to the past events.
  5. What is to happen in the near future if future time is expressed by the context.
  6. While quoting authors, critics and poets, etc.
The formation of Present Indefinite (Affirmative)
Subject + (1st form of the verb + S/ES) + Object
  1. He comes to home after closing his shop.
  2. I take an exercise daily in the morning.
  3. The earth rounds the Sun.
  4. They protest against the government.
  5. She waits for the shop to open.
The formation of Present Indefinite (Negative)
Subject + (Does/Do not 1st form of the verb ) + Object
  1. He does not come to home after closing his shop.
  2. I do not take an exercise daily in the morning.
  3. The earth does not round the Sun.
  4. They do not  protest against the government.
  5. She does not wait for the shop to open.
The formation of Present Indefinite (Interrogative)
Subject + (Does/Do not 1st form of the verb ) + Object

  1. Does he come to home after closing his shop?
  2. Do I take an exercise daily in the morning?
  3. Does the earth round the Sun?
  4. Do they protest against the government?
  5. Does she wait for the shop to open?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Cells (Part 1) For F.Sc

What is emergence and implication of cell theory?
Emergence and implication of cell theory
    Invention of Microscope
     The discovery of the cell is directly with the invention of the microscope. This is because most of the cells are not visible to the naked eye. The most useful microscope was invented by H.Janssen in 1590. This microscope would magnify the object third times. 
 Definition of cell
               The cell can be defined as the structural and functional unit of life. It is the smallest unit which can carry out all activity of life. Cells are the building blocks of complex multicellular organisms.
Cell biology
                The branch of biology which deals with the study of cells is called cell biology. It is one of the modern branches of biology, on which work was started by Robert Hooks (1665). 
Works of Robert Hooks
                  He reported the discovery of cell in his famous publication Micrographia.He took a piece of cork, and cut it into thin slices with the help of a sharp razor and studied them under his self-made compound microscope. He observed that the cork is composed of minutes honey comb like compartment which he termed as cells. Because they reminder him of the cells. Inhabited by monks living in a monastery.
 According to Hooks, cell is an empty space bound by ticks’ walls. Little information was added to this idea in the following century,
Contribution of Lorenz Oaken
                Lorenz Oaken was a germane scientist. In 1805, he suggested that “all living being originates from or consist of vesicles or cells”
Idea of Lamarck
                Jean Baptist de Lamarck (1890) expressed similar idea and suggested that no body can have life, if its constituent parts are not cellular tissues or are not formed by cellular tissues.
Discovery of Nucleus
                 In 1831, Robert brown reported the presence of nucleus in the cell. Due to this discovery Hooks idea about the cell as an empty space was changed. The suggested that cell is not an empty space.  

Saturday, 16 April 2011


Woman's Role in Our Society

 1.      Introduction
 2.      Education Necessary for men and women.
 3.      Role of women in our society as a mother, teacher, doctor.
 4.      Need for female education,
 5.      Status of women in Pakistan.
 6.     (1) Co –education   (2) Merits   (3) Demerits  (4) Islamic viewpoint.
 7.      A separate university for women.
 8.      Conclusion.
    It s a clear fact that no society can make progress without women education .That is why in Islam education is compulsory for both men and Women. Now women are not the second –rate citizen of the society. Islam has given a very honorable place to women. The advance countries women are working side by side with men.  
Women are playing an active part in every field of life. They are working in college in schools factories offices and university. They have proved themselves, good doctors’ nurses and strong workers. It is their education which enables them to perform all such duties in a good way. About all women are nation builders. If they are well educated, they produced good citizens by training them well.
But it is regrettable that our women especially of rural areas are uneducated. They work in field along with the farmers. For them there are no proper facilities. If  we want to develop our society with the ornaments of education. By education the women we can produce better mother, better wives and better nation builders. Islam has given them a very high status so we should facilities them according to the Islamic principles.
             In most of the countries, there is co-educated system. It means the studying of boys and girls at the same institution. Their class rooms are common, play grounds and libraries are common. They are taught by the same teacher. They travel by the same buses. From this point of view this system is an obstacle.       
 The advocates of this system say that in this way girls get ride of shyness. They know how to deal with men. It is /economical for poor countries like Pakistan. A healthy completion among girls and boys develops. They try to beat each other in fashion. Systems allow their daughters to red with the boys. Thus girls are deprived of their rights.
The only solution to this problem is that there should be separate university for women. Now govt has all resources to open the separate university. So career for women may be bright, if they will be provided with facilities.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Nature and Scop of Business

Introduction To Business (Short questions & answers) 
Q:     What is business?
Ans:   Business means all those activities which are related to the production and distribution of goods and services with the object of earning profit.
Q:     Write any three objectives of businessman.
(1)     Earning profit    (2) Supply of standard quality of goods    (3) Creating markets
Q:     Write any three qualities of good businessman.
Ans:  (1) Technical skill    (2) Knowledge of business   (3) Honesty
Q:     Write different kind of industries.
Ans:   (1) Extractive Industries     (2) Constructive Industries    (3) Manufacturing Industries
Q:      What is commerce?
Ans:   Commerce is a branch of business, which includes trade and also all those activities which are related to the transfer of goods from producer to consumers.
Q:      What is trade?
Ans:   Trade means buying and selling of goods with the motive of earning profit.
Q:      Write the types of trade.
Ans:  (1) Internal trade   (2) External trade
Q:     Write three functions of modern business.
Ans:   (1) Production Function   (2) Financial Function     (3) Management Function
Q:      Write three problems before establishing a new business.
 Ans:   (1) Selection of business      (2) Demand for the product    (3) Provision of capital
Q:      What is business organization?
Ans:    Business organization is an institution organized and operated to provide goods and services to the society under the incentive of private.
Q:      Write kinds of organizaton.
Ans:    (1) Material Organization       (2) Human Organization
Q:      What do you mean by economic activities?
Ans:    The activities directed towards the production and acquiring of wealth is called economic activities.
Q:      Mention the obstacles which can commerce removed.
Ans:   (1) Place Obstacle    (2) Danger Obstacle   (3) Human Hurdle
Q:     Write the components of business.
Ans:   There are two components of business.
(1) Industry      (2) Commerce
Sole Proprietorship
Q:    What is sole proprietorship?
Ans:  A business organization in which one person owns and operates the whole business is called sole proprietorship.
Q:    Give any three examples of sole proprietorship.
Ans:   (1) Retailer     (2) Beauty Parlor    (3) Carpenter
Q:     Give any three examples of sole proprietorship.
Ans:   (1) Easy formation     (2) Personal Interest     (3) Sole claim on frofit
Q:    Give any three disadvantages of sole proprietorship.
Ans:   (1) Unlimited liability      (2) Shortage of capital       (3) Lack of specialization
 Q:     Write any three points on legal position of sole proprietorship.
Ans:   (1) No separate legal entity    (2) Unlimited liability     (3) Not regulated by special act

Monday, 4 April 2011

B.A Guess Punjab University

i) Leisure:-
a. No time to turn…………………….. her eyes began.
b. No time to see, …………………….. likes skies at night
ii) New Year Resolution:-
a. I will drain ………………………… Purgation
b. Remember twice daily …………….. who I am
iii) Women Work:-
a. Sun, rain, curving sky……………… can call my own
b. Fall gently …………………………. tonight
c. Shine on me ……………………….. brow again
iv) Patriot into Traitor:-
a. There is nobody……………………. yet
b. Alack it was I ……………………… year is run
v) The Huntsman:-
a. The guard said……………………… come here?
vi) One Art:-
a. Even losing you …………………… disaster
vii) The Solitary Reaper:-
a. No nightingale …………………….. sands
b. A voice so thrilling…………………. herbides.
viii) All the World a Stage:-
a. And whistles……………………….. sans everything
b. At first the infant…………………… to school
c. And then the lover…………………. Mistress eyebrow
ix) A Poison Tree:-
a. And into …………………………… the tree
b. And I watered……………………… wiles
x) The
Vanishing Village:-
a. So little…………………………….. a scale
b. stag, them village…………………... mind
xi) When I Have Fears:-
a. And when I feel……………………. do sink
b. When I behold……………………… chance
xii) Hawk Monologue:-
a. The allotment of death…………….. my right
b. The convenience…………………… my inspection
xiii) Smirnove I am going to ……………………. my dear.
xiv) Men are faithful and constant……………… at every step.
xv) My love will die …………………………… on end. (The Bear).
xvi) I expect we should go ……………………... it sometime (The Bear).
xvii) You come into your money…………………to do so (Boy Comes
i) What is the theme of Leisure?
ii) Explain Tartary as a romantic poem?
iii) Describe the role of woman in Women Work.
iv) Why does the poet wish to be young again? (Politics).
v) Describe the summary of Solitary Reaper.
vi) Discuss the poem as fantasy. (Kublai Khan).
vii) Lights on Dwell on the power of Sleep Discuss.
viii) Describe the lover state and last stage in All The World a Stage.
ix) How can we master in the art of losing?
x) Describe the role of Rebel.
i) Who is Ole
ii) The impact of horror and death in the Killers.
iii) How does the story reflect the moral decadence of the English
aristocracy (The Duches and the Jeweler).
iv) Describe the Happy Prince as a fairy tale with moral lesson.
v) How does the swallow sacrifice his life for the love of prince?
vi) The story the “Tell-Tal Heart” is a study of human psychology and
abnormal behavior. Discuss.
vii) Who is responsible for the lost of Necklace?
viii) Write a character sketch of Ustad Mangu.
ix) Compare and contrast lisby’s character with that of her elder sister.
x) Write a character sketch of the boy in Araby.

i) Discuss the conflict between Primerose and her mother Lucy.
(Smoke Screen).
i) Discuss Popova and Smirnove character.
ii) What is conflict between uncle James and his Nephew.
i) Write a speech of Liaquat Ali Khan which he delivered at the
University of Cansas.
ii) Describe the season of death and life in the Whistling of Birds.
iii) There is irony and humour in Beauty Industry. Elaborate.
iv) Doctoring is an Art of keeping people in health. Comment.
v) Discuss the real problem of a Bachelor.
vi) There are certain things that our age needs and certain things that it
should avoid. Discuss (Science and Values).
vii) Describe the fears yeats felt in his childhood. (My Grand Father).
viii) Describe the character of Tailor.
ix) Explain the writer’s experience of her parachute jumping. (Taking the
i) Discuss the Old Man as a Hero.
ii) Describe the signifance of the Old Man’s Dream.
iii) Discuss sea as a living being character.
iv) A man can be destroyed but not defeated. Explain this statement.
v) Describe Old Man’s struggle with Marlin and his fight with Sharks.